The Campaign For KEXP's New Home

Breaking New Ground Together

Hundreds of new artists like Macklemore were heard first on KEXP. More people will discover more music in KEXP’s New Home.

Reserve A Tile


New Home tiles are currently sold out and unavailable at this time. Thank you for your support.

Be a groundbreaker and make the KEXP dream a reality. Support the campaign for KEXP’s New Home and be permanently recognized with a custom tile on the outside wall of our new building in the heart of Seattle Center, next to Key Arena.

Choose from three sizes:


  • Small Tile
  • Medium Tile
  • Large Tile
  • Reserve a small tile = 2” x 8”
    One line of copy, 28 characters max per line
  • Reserve a medium tile = 4” x 12”
    Two lines of copy, 28 characters max per line
  • Reserve a large tile = 6” x 16”
    Three lines of copy, 28 characters max per line

If you prefer to reserve your tile by phone, feel free. We always love to hear from you. Just call KEXP Donor Services at (206) 520-5843.

Be creative!

Have a favorite lyric? A favorite quote? A dedication? An idea you want to share with the world? This is your chance to shout out your passion for the music. Make your mark on KEXP.

Please have your personal message ready when you reserve your tile. You will be asked to submit your message before your donation can be processed.

donor tiles _2013-0911