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Hundreds of new artists like Macklemore were heard first on KEXP. More people will discover more music in KEXP’s New Home.

Meet the Groundbreakers: Shannon Loftis and Dave Higley

Posted by on Apr 1, 2016 in Meet the Groundbreaker, News

Shannon Loftis Dave Higley

When Superconductor donors Shannon Loftis and Dave Higley talk about the impact of KEXP, they hold us to a high standard. Shannon cites the station’s influence in the same breath as icons including David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and Joe Strummer.

“My entire life has been lived to a soundtrack, and KEXP has enriched that soundtrack immeasurably since I first stumbled across KCMU when I moved to Seattle in the ‘90s,” she says.

Last year, Shannon and her partner Dave Higley toured KEXP’s former Dexter Streeet facility with Executive Director Tom Mara. “The old location was really cool—and so small,” she recalls. “And the vision for KEXP’s New Home was inspired.”

“One item that really stood out for me was laundry for the visiting bands. When you’re touring for weeks at a time, I can imagine that clean socks are a luxury.”

“Our tour of the old space made us realize how little in-person exposure was available for the station,” adds Dave. After that behind-the-scenes glimpse, the dream of KEXP opening its doors to the music-loving public inspired them to help make it real.

“The New Home has so much potential to increase KEXP’s impact on our city and bring out even more great opportunities for fantastic music,” he continues. “And it’s such an iconic location. Seattle Center is someplace Seattleites actually go and a great tourist destination as well.”

Shannon should be delighted to learn that Deep Sea Diver is performing at Grand Opening on April 16 (“local bands are so important!”). While the full, final lineup for the day’s entertainment won’t be disclosed until Friday, April 15, she and Dave are dreaming big about who they like to see for the as-yet-unnamed acts, citing ideas including Foals and the Frames.

“Since we haven’t invented time travel yet, Dave won’t get to see his dream of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury sing ‘Under Pressure,’ and I won’t get that one last Clash performance,” she concedes. “But there are so great new bands that will have that kind of impact for future generations.”

“I defer to the fine folks at KEXP,” concludes Dave. “You never fail to introduce me to new music.”

Thank you to Shannon, Dave, and all the Groundbreakers who are helping make KEXP’s New Home at Seattle Center a reality. We can hardly wait to welcome inside on Saturday, April 16.

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