The Campaign For KEXP's New Home

Breaking New Ground Together

Hundreds of new artists like Macklemore were heard first on KEXP. More people will discover more music in KEXP’s New Home.

Be A Superconductor!

On the railways, conductors keep trains running safely and on-time.

In music, conductors lead the orchestra, guiding musicians and bringing composers’ ideas to life.

In science, superconductors conduct electricity without resistance. No resistance = no energy lost!

At KEXP, Superconductors do all this … and more. They ensure that that artists, music lovers, and KEXP curators will have the home they deserve when we open our doors in 2015. Superconductors also keep this critical project on schedule, inspire and lead fellow music lovers, and enable us to use capital campaign resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Being a Superconductor isn’t just a financial investment – it’s a profound investment of the heart, too, a testimony to your commitment to the power of music to change lives.

All donors to Breaking New Ground Together who make a five-figure gift are automatically enrolled in the Superconductors. Whether you give $10K or $75K, your gift can be made over a period of five years, broken down in the way that works best for you, in annual, quarterly, or monthly payments.

Superconductors’ benefits include:

  • Name listed on the New Home Donor Wall on the windows of the KEXP Music Library (image below)
  • Invitations to special Groundbreaking and Grand Opening events
  • An annual Superconductors celebration curated by KEXP
  • Acknowledgement on NewHome.KEXP.ORG
  • Monthly updates and sneak peeks at the New Home campaign’s progress
  • An exclusive Superconductors memento

For more information on becoming a Superconductor, please contact Director of Leadership Giving Betsy Troutman via email or call 206.520.5877. Ready to make your gift and be a Superconductor? Donate here!
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