The Campaign For KEXP's New Home

Breaking New Ground Together

Hundreds of new artists like Macklemore were heard first on KEXP. More people will discover more music in KEXP’s New Home.

KEXP’s New Home on New Day Northwest

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016

New Day Northwest produced a great segment on KEXP’s New Home yesterday. Check out this clip to watch Emmy Award-winning journalist Margaret Larson talk with The Morning Show host John Richards about discovering new music, gateway philanthropy, and our plans for the future at Seattle...

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Building Update: Dalet

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016

The contributions of one of our most important New Home partners may not be as immediately visible as steel girders or concrete floors, but you’ll certainly be able to hear and see “music that matters” better as a consequence of their work. Dalet is a French company (with over a dozen offices worldwide) that develops software for acquiring, cataloging, producing, and distributing multi-media assets. And as KEXP prepared to expand operations in the New Home, Dalet helped us solve a number of challenges How to digitize and play back music from our enormous library of music; Managing our original content, including video and audio of more than 500 in-studios annually; Creating a customized interface that would complement KEXP’s eclectic approach to programming music. That last point in particular proved more daunting that anticipated. “One interesting problem we encountered had to do with the unique way KEXP DJs program the shows,” says KEXP Chief Engineer Jamie Alls. “DJs are picking content on the fly, and we struggled to explain this concept to the Dalet engineers: ‘We don’t know what we’re playing until we play it.’ It turns out that pretty much all professional radio playout software is designed to play back a pre-established play list. Improvisation is discouraged.” Another big challenge was figuring out how to align and integrate the myriad workflows to create KEXP’s unique content. “KEXP is a unique beast in the media world,” Alls continues. “We’re a radio station, a recording studio, a video production and post-production house, and, in the New Home, a performance venue. Dalet had to create a platform that supports all of these activities.” The end results will have a big difference on how KEXP looks and sounds to music lovers like you. “For one, instances of CDs or vinyl skipping or stopping should be greatly reduced,” jokes Alls. More importantly, “with DJs able to access tens of thousands of songs instantly, listeners are going to hear and discover more and better music. Plus DJs will be able to curate their shows remotely, so they’ll be able to preview new music from anywhere in the...

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Building Update: Let’s Get Technical

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015

As mentioned a couple days ago, a lot of work remains to be done inside KEXP’s New Home. But what, exactly, does that entail? So glad you asked. Here’s the latest scoop from KEXP Chief Engineer Jamie Alls: Work is shifting from finishing construction punch-list items (which include installing acoustic treatments in the DJ booth, production and edit rooms) to installing and commissioning the technical systems that make KEXP go. KEXP is a unique hybrid of functions that includes radio broadcast, video production and post-production, recording studio, and live performance venue. Each one of those functions has a specialized set of systems to do that work. Our contractor Mizzen Media and KEXP Technical Ops staff are working to get all of these systems up and running before our first broadcast from the new space on Wednesday, December 9. Specific projects include: a new music playout system (which will hopefully minimize CDs skipping on-air); digitizing our CD library; setting up a new link to our transmitter site on Capitol Hill; installing network and phones; installing the live audio mixing system in the control room; and connecting the new KEXP to our current Dexter studios, to ensure a smooth transition between the two...

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Building Update: Pretty (Unfinished) on the Inside

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015

There’s still a lot of work to do on the interiors of the New Home (especially in the Public Gathering Space), but it’s starting to come together. Take a look and see for yourself. Thank you, Groundbreakers, for helping us come so far.            

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Building Update: First Glimpse at the New Entrance

Posted by on Oct 13, 2015

Now that the fencing around the construction site is down, we’re excited to share a first glimpse at the First Avenue entrance to KEXP’s New Home at Seattle Center. As you can tell from the rather Spartan interior, there’s still plenty of work to do … but dang, it feels good to have doors and windows in place! Thank you for all your support so...

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PHOTOS: Building Update: Almost There!

Posted by on Oct 8, 2015

The rumors are true. At least, that’s what Sellen Construction Field Manager Mike McCarthy tells us in the latest Building Update: [Phase One of] construction of the New Home is nearly complete!  All flooring, paint, interior glass, casework and lighting will be done this week.  Exterior paint, roofing, flashing, glazing, metal panels and doors are done; the site fence will be removed very soon. Final inspections are scheduled for the end of next week and if all goes as planned we’ll be handing the keys over to KEXP so they can start the move to their New Home in anticipation of the first broadcast in...

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