The Campaign For KEXP's New Home

Breaking New Ground Together

Hundreds of new artists like Macklemore were heard first on KEXP. More people will discover more music in KEXP’s New Home.

Letter from Our Co-Chairs


Dear Groundbreaker

We are excited to lead Breaking New Ground Together: The Campaign for KEXP’s New Home to build a new facility at Seattle Center. Though we share a passion for music, the four of us come from different walks of life. We could live anywhere, but choose Seattle because it speaks to us in a special way, and KEXP gives it a unique voice that reaches deep into our hearts and all around the world.

As a cross-section of the KEXP Community, we’re thrilled by the new vision for KEXP. The money we raise will cover construction and new equipment, yet we’re building much more than a radio station. This dynamic facility at the heart of Seattle Center will be the epicenter of a cultural shift in how millions of people experience music.

KEXP’s new home will be an arts organization like no other, a hub where the music lovers, artists, and curators who have made Seattle a world-class music city can share the joy of “music that matters” around the globe. Fueled by its commitment to new sounds and one-of-a-kind experiences, KEXP will explore uncharted territory and expand its offerings and services—on the air, online, and in its new home—to bring more art and music into more lives throughout Seattle and around the world.

Thank you for reviewing KEXP’s plans, and joining our disparate band of trailblazers who will create the future of music through this campaign.


Paula Boggs
Mike McCready
Ashley O’Connor McCready
Scott Redman
Co-Chairs, Campaign Advisory Committee

Campaign Advisory Committee

Chris Adams, Listen Hear Media
Tim Bierman (Music Community Chair), Ten Club
Paula Boggs (Co-Chair), Boggs Media, LLC
Toby Bright, Jackson Square Aviation
Jennifer Cast, Community Advocate
Will Daugherty,
Mark Dederer, Wells Fargo
Christian Fulghum, Fin Records, Jupiter Studios
Sherri Havens, Community Advocate
Mike McCready (Co-Chair), Pearl Jam
Ashley O’Connor McCready (Co-Chair), Community Advocate
Scott Redman (Co-Chair), Sellen Construction
Becky Roberts (Marketing and Social Media Chair), Brand Consultant
Jeff Seely, Concur Technologies
Jill Singh, Community Volunteer
Brent Stiefel, SITY Foundation, Onto Entertainment, Votiv
Josef Vascovitz
Courtney Stiefel, SITY Foundation
Nancy Ward, World Justice Project