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Building Update: Let’s Get Technical

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Building Update, News

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As mentioned a couple days ago, a lot of work remains to be done inside KEXP’s New Home. But what, exactly, does that entail? So glad you asked. Here’s the latest scoop from KEXP Chief Engineer Jamie Alls:

Work is shifting from finishing construction punch-list items (which include installing acoustic treatments in the DJ booth, production and edit rooms) to installing and commissioning the technical systems that make KEXP go.

KEXP is a unique hybrid of functions that includes radio broadcast, video production and post-production, recording studio, and live performance venue. Each one of those functions has a specialized set of systems to do that work. Our contractor Mizzen Media and KEXP Technical Ops staff are working to get all of these systems up and running before our first broadcast from the new space on Wednesday, December 9.

Specific projects include: a new music playout system (which will hopefully minimize CDs skipping on-air); digitizing our CD library; setting up a new link to our transmitter site on Capitol Hill; installing network and phones; installing the live audio mixing system in the control room; and connecting the new KEXP to our current Dexter studios, to ensure a smooth transition between the two venues.

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  1. Obviously Jamie’s been working hard! I think he needs to blow off some stress and come play some basketball.

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